At J&P we are always striving to find new products, our most recent addition to our range is our Kitchen Sanitiser.  Killing 99.9% of bacteria* including MRSA, E-Coli,Listeria & Salmonella.  Being ever the skeptic, I make it my duty to to test out our products, well I can safely say it does exactly what it says on the label! Not only did the kitchen look clean, it felt clean to the touch, giving me full confidence.  

I then moved on to the hand sanitiser, this is a hospital strength formula that kills germs while moisturising and nurturing the skin of even the most frequent users. Infection control iscritical in healthcare settings and effective Hand Hygiene is the single most important strategy in preventing health care associated infections. another brilliant product, the aloe vera and vitamin E in the hand sanitiser gives it a gentle quality, which also removes the alcohol smell associated with other hand sanitisers. 

I already know the protec nitrile gloves we produce and stock are of a excellent quality and conforms to AQL 1.5, BSEN455 Standards.  They are non allergenic – contains no proteins, latex or allergens. They don't absorb oils and solvents as readily as latex and are generally stronger than latex or vinyl.  they have a smooth touch and are comfortable to wear, powder free and have excellent wearer protection qualities. They are predominantly used by NHS and frontline emergency personnel and come in all sizes.and  I them use them regulary.

Next I'm going to try our "So Pure" laundry powder, I'm sure that will do "exactly what it says on the label" too! So watch this space for further updates.