As a Company, we always like to bring good deals and great service to our customers; we wouldn’t be doing our job correctly if we didn’t.  We pride ourselves on our tag line “Complete Solutions for Caring Professionals”.  We think we may have achieved a great offer for February! On our February Monthly Xclusives we are able to do some fantastic deals with Rota Stands.

StandardThe Rota Stand has been developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame shin pad, and turn-table combine to give optimum safety to both carer and patient during the transfer.

Solo - revolutionises sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented TBar mechanism in the base (see picture) allows a sit to stand and pivot transfer to be carried out by a single nurse or carer thus reducing the time it takes to carry out the task

Etac - patient turner features an angled stem for the natural ‘head over toe’ action when getting the user from a sitting position to a standing position.

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